B12 injections in Essex

Vitamin B12 shot in Essex

Hello and welcome to B12 Lou, the home of B12 education and consultations in Dunmow, Essex.

What is B12?

Vitamin B12 is needed for physical growth and development and for the formation of red blood cells in the bone marrow.

It is also required for the absorption of Folate and carbohydrates from food and for keeping the nerve (neurological) system healthy.

Why B12 injections?

  • Hits the blood stream straight away, so starts to work immediately.
  • Avoids problems working its way through the stomach (the intrinsic factor).
  • The only vitamin the NHS inject.

Benefits of B12 shots

The top three reported benefits:

More ENERGY  |  Better SLEEP  |  Improved MOOD

These are just a few of the many, many benefits that have been reported, others include improved stamina, relief from PMT and Menopausal symptoms and improved metabolism.

Why me?

About B12 LOU

  • I trained with the largest academy, the only certified B12 training company, VITB12SHOT
  • Qualified and fully insured
  • FREE consultation to ascertain suitability
  • Specialises in nervous clients
  • My time, before, during and after your appointment
  • Flexible times, days and evening
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Do I need a blood test?

The most common test , the serum B12 test, records both active and inactive B12, it does not record whats happening at a cellular level.

The body cannot access inactive B12 and this can represent 80% of the level showing in the serum. A more accurate way to access your B12 is by symptoms. I can help with this.

How does it work?

  • Contact me
  • I will arrange a FREE, virtual consultation
  • In-house UK registered doctors and prescribers access your consultation

How long does your appointment take?

A 15 minute slot is allocated to you, the injection itself takes 20 seconds approximately.

All paperwork is done remotely. 

B12 package options

Silver package

4 injections

£ 120.00
  • Top ups/single injection £40

Gold package

4 injections taken over 4-6 weeks and a 3 month supply of Folate

£ 137.50
  • Top ups/single injection £40

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